Hiiiiiiii friends! I’m Lauren. I’m a girl mama, wife, pediatric physical therapist and book lady. I am a mama to my sweet girls, Addison, Aria and Everly and fur baby pup, Milo (german shepherd mix).

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The reasons I decided to start this blog…

  1. Peds PT: I am so passionate about what I do and love educating families on child development and how to help their children reach their full potential. We’ll talk typical development, how to encourage gross motor skill development, positioning & more!
  2. Books: Our family lives and breathes books. Our girls love them and we love reading with them. Reading aloud is something that truly brings our family together.
  3. Mama Life: Being a mom is the biggest blessing in my life but also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, so let’s talk about it.
  4. Other: Who knows what else might come up!

I would LOVE feedback on what you’re loving, what you want more of and even what you are not into! I would love to create a community of mamas who are here to support, encourage, help and empower one another. There is too much hate in the world, let’s spread some mama love.

xoxo, lo

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